Par Amour – 30 ml


The mirror spells out the blossoming of its reflection. She hesitates, smiles, loses confidence, knows that this powdery mood belongs only to her. At her bedside, the centifolia rose of Grasse will be the pen of her composition, bathed in an inkwell of sandalwood. This is not a trial run, she no longer doubts her French elegance. She delays the deadline, seduces herself, to reach the acme of the desire and the waiting.


All our scent bottles are hand made by our own master glassblowers.

Three ways to perfume yourself at Maison Godet:
The dropper: sensuality in the gesture and precision of application.
The atomizer: freedom of dosage and experience on the skin based on a technology of micro pulverisations.
The couture: subtlety of vaporisation and signature of elegance.

Additional information
Weight 0,15 kg
Dimensions 3,5 × 3,5 × 9,5 cm

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