Our creation process from start to finish is made by hand, with labor of love and pride in our craft.

Each and every Godet's creation is handmade by our master glassmaker.

“Since 1901, golden hands are behind every Godet’s creations, each bottle has its own soul, its energy and is by essence a unique creation. We are honored to continue to work with such fascinating master glassmakers ! ” says Sonia Godet, great granddaugher of Godet’s founder.

All of our perfumes are hand-crafted in small batches for precision and utmost quality.

This unique know-how is passed down from generations to generations. Our glassmaker is a craftsman, a true artist who masters the art of glass poetry: he picks the molten glass, pours it into our bottle’s mold, until the chisel, which celebrates the beginning of the handmade production of each of our bottles.

Provence and the Grasse area are closely tied to the history of the Maison Godet.

The Grasse region remains the dedicated land for flowers distillation and natural perfume making. Organic ingredients are essential to produce each and every Godet fragrances. From planting to picking, we follow ecological steps in order to obtain the finest ingredients for our perfumes. Then, traditional techniques, such as the unheated enfleurage created at the beginning of the 20th century, enable us to capture flowers and plants’ scented hearts.

Innovation is at the heart of our family philosophy

In 1925 Godet won the gold medal  at Paris’ Arts Décoratifs exhibition for its innovative “Folie Bleue” bottle. Today, the brand innovates again introducing the first fragrance line revisiting a timeless gesture.  Several years of research have led to cap innovation: apply your perfume “at your own risks, wherever you wish to be kissed” by Sonia Godet.