A century of craftsmanship

The secret of our success undoubtedly lies in the pride of place accorded to craftsmanship and traditional skills. Our perfumes are entirely handmade, from the perfume itself, all the way to the packaging. After 6 weeks of maceration the resulting liquid is filtered and cooled prior to bottling. This process allows the perfume to reveal its full character and refinement. Each bottle is produced by glass blowing, according to the traditional method. Once the bottles are filled, they are closed individually by hand.

Behind each bottle lies the passion and dedication of 5 people. It takes three days create 150 bottles. To carry on the craft of the olden days, implies limiting the quantities. This is the reason why we only have one unique boutique worldwide close to our workshops in Saint-Paul de Vence ; That is how we guarantee our customers the highest quality of perfumes.

Handmade Glassmaking

All our scent bottles are hand made by our own master glassblowers. It is a true work of art; from the moment the molten glass meets our own molds to the moment when the thread of glass is cut by the craftsman’s scissors, it is sheer poetry in motion.

Handcrafted packaging

All our presentation boxes are lovingly designed and hand-crafted.
“Attention to detail is the hallmark of our Maison; a characteristic passed on from generation to generation. Each individual scent creation demands a close personal involvement, monitoring the ingredients carefully and guaranteeing consistent quality year after year. Twenty first century methods of production contrast with those of the twentieth century, but « we still maintain the timelessness of the perfumery as it was in the days of my great great-grandfather. » So says Sonia Godet, 4th generation of Godet’s perfumers.

Craftsmanship and Exquisite Ingredients go hand in hand

Provence and the Grasse Region are closely linked to the history of Maison Godet. This area is a hive of activity where the inner secrets of flowers are explored passionately. From planting to harvest, carefully planned and environmentally conscious steps help to achieve the best ingredients. 

The location of our new Maison Godet in Saint Paul de Vence guarantees local sources and impeccable product quality. The result of our “flower- knowhow” in Grasse, enables local cultivation and excellent choice of ingredients, therefore the fragrances produced by us are uniquely assembled.

Innovation is at the heart of our family philosophy

In 1925 Godet won the gold medal at Paris’ Arts Décoratifs exhibition for its innovative “Folie Bleue” bottle. Today, Sonia Godet, 30, continues to innovate. With a look to the future, she is driven by the continual formulation of ever more audacious compositions. 

In addition, several years of research have led to a bottle cap innovation. Instead of a vaporiser, which has become the modern standard for perfumes, our bottle has a stopper which is filled with droplets at its tip. “With it, you can apply your perfume, if you dare, wherever you wish to be kissed”, says Sonia Godet! A link is thus made between body and perfume, making the application more intimate and precise. The skin then reacts and relates sensuously to the fragrance for a new individual and personal cosmetic experience.