The DNA of Maison Godet could not be described without a tribute to its heritage. Even before perfumery found its way into the family trade in 1901, cognac was already in its days of glory for Julien-Joseph Godet’s ancestors. In present times, a gourmet keeps a catalogue of special alcohols passed down through the generations in the French county of Charente-Maritime.
Éternité reconstructs for our sense of smell the spicy notes of cognac aged in oak barrels, crossed with aromas that derive from distilling grape and prune. Cloves, amber, and vanilla sketch the profile of unforgettable people from the past. Artisanal heritage is nothing if a passion for maintaining it under all circumstances is missing. This fragrance created by Sonia Godet whispers of unbreakable links that attach the living to their history. This is the dedication of a father to the marvelous formulas of immortal creators.


A deep dive into the art of aging cognac, the origin of Godet family history. A symbol of the passing of time and skills passed down from father to daughter.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 17 cm


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