Welcome to Maison Godet

The story of Maison Godet begins in 1901 when its founder, Julien-Joseph Godet, allowed his creative talents to be inspired by the artistic and cultural mood of the time. He fashioned and developed his brand of perfumes thanks to the influence of the many artists he befriended during his lifetime such as Henri Matisse, Pierre Bonnard and Marc Chagall.

At the beginning of the 20th Century,  Julien-Joseph Godet was deeply affected by the excitement of cultural activity which attracted him to the Symbolist painter Pierre Bonnard. This friendship kindled a love for the French Riviera at the very moment when a new generation of painters was establishing itself in Nice. Gallery owners and printers Aimé and Marguerite Maeght, through their promotion of Bonnard’s lithographs, broadened the artists’ experiences further.

So Julien-Joseph Godet finds himself at the very heart of this creative movement, developing his passion for the sensorial opportunities of perfume, until this passion becomes almost part of his DNA, and leads to the creation of his very own house of fragrances. These new fragrances were adored and worn by Matisse’s, Picasso’s muses, where his olfactory  delights were matched by the painters’ exquisite choices of colours in a burst of mutual inspiration.

Today, the rebirth of Parfums Godet embraces a new engagement with the arts, and this is why Maison Godet is now based in Saint-Paul de Vence. This location also  enables us to be closely involved in partnership with the Cannes Film Festival.